Implementing Audio Visual Technology For Workplace Presentations

Implementing Audio Visual Technology For Workplace Presentations

Preparing For Commercial Video Production Work As A Client

by Alan Andrews

Commercial video production work is one of the best ways to deliver a message. There's more to the job, though, than just hiring a great video production services provider and letting them do their thing. Here are four ways clients can contribute to the video production process.


Ultimately, a video production is your baby. You should come into the project with a reasonably well-formed plan for what the results should look like. If you have specific goals, like making sure the tone is professional and providing information for internal consumption, it's important to explain these concerns early on.

Scout Locations

Even if the locations for a production are situated on properties you own, take the time to go out with the video production team and consider what you'll be up against. They can assess how good the available lighting is at the site, giving them time to adapt if there are concerns. Professionals may also see the location a little differently than you do, potentially spotting an angle that highlights its strengths better.

Depending on the actions that need to be recorded, it's also worth doing a rough walkthrough of each scene. This will make it easier to identify potential problems, such as poor lighting or lines of sight that are blocked.


Although most video production services companies have third parties they can work with to provide support, it's not a bad idea to focus on bringing in folks who you'd prefer. For example, getting hair and makeup done for the production is something many clients will prefer to set up on their own. If you need other elements, such as wardrobe, those are also worth seeking out on your own.

Clients who don't know companies in those sectors should make it clear they have needs early on in the production process. This will allow time for setting that sort of support up.

Permission and Permits

If a specific location isn't yours to shoot on, you'll definitely want to get permission before bringing a video production there. Contact the property owners and seek their consent for using the location. You should also get in touch with the compliance officers in the locality where you intend to shoot. This will ensure that you know what permits are needed. Try to coordinate your permits with the schedule of the video production crew because most permits have to be limited in scope in terms of both time and location.


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Implementing Audio Visual Technology For Workplace Presentations

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